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Jim Carpenter

Operations Support Specialist

Jim Carpenter Headshot 2.png


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Jim Carpenter, our high-flying ops specialist, once traveled as a licensed pilot to serve 800 clients across 19 states via his Piper Comance 250, Cesna Centurian T210, and Beechcraft B36TC.


A native of Medford, Oregon, Jim has touched down permanently in Roosevelt, Arizona with his wife and their grown children a short drive away in Scottsdale.  Jim’s role with Kanno Capital provides him the ideal opportunity to focus on his favorite aspect of the work he loved for over 30 years – interacting with clients.  Jim says, “I am a strong believer in building relationships and taking great care of clients’ needs.”


This passion runs in his family.  Jim, at the fearless age of 18, joined his Dad’s business.  Specializing in estate planning, they helped their clients build their legacies, maximizing what passed to the next generation and the charities important to them.  This father-son team soon realized that they could be of even greater value to their growing clientele by adding credentials and expertise in securities and other investments.  As a result, their clients also benefited from increased incomes and lowered tax burdens.


Jim is quick to acknowledge that there would have been no way to manage his gratifying lifework without his excellent staff.  Knowing the impeccable reputation of Kanno Capital through long acquaintance, he is delighted to bring such excellence to the firm, this time, as an experienced member of the support team.

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