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Ryan Tran, CEPA®

Director of Client Services

Ryan Tran Headshot 2.png


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Ryan Tran, our polymath client service pro, enjoys perfecting his multiple crafts, including learning other languages and playing tennis and the violin.  As a die-hard Seattleite, he attended the University of Washington and earned a degree in psychology, learning the importance to think critically and see the world through curious eyes.


Ryan is a great listener - naturally attentive and careful.  His background in psychology means that he will genuinely hear you out with an open mind.  Staying open, he believes, is the best way to arrive at optimal solutions.  This emphasis proved to be a great fit for our team, given our passion to build individualized plans, focused on the unique personal dreams and desires of our clients.


Ryan loves being a part of the Kanno Capital team as he’s always enjoyed group dynamics.  As a student, he liked group projects and team sports and continues to find himself attracted to the pursuit of a common goal.  He says teamwork, at its best, is not only the satisfying work of a shoulder-to-shoulder effort with terrific colleagues to achieve an ambitious result, but the chance to guide such effort and contribute something unique.  This is what has Ryan inspired to keep growing personally and professionally.


Ryan is enthusiastic about planning because without it, he confesses, he would have no clue about saving and spending strategically or how to align money with those big life goals.  Ryan, with his hilarious wit, is quick to laugh and loves a good joke, but he will not make light of one thing - his guiding principle of always doing what’s right and in the best interest of the client, whom he highly values and takes as seriously as anyone in the business.

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